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Edited by Juan Antonio Prieto Pablos
Manuel Gómez Lara & María José Mora Sena & S. G. Fernández-Corugedo
Sederi — Universidad de Sevilla
ISSN 1135-7789
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Preliminaries 1-4

García-Bermejo Giner, María Fuencisla. “Some Northern Dialect Features in Deloney's Thomas of Reading 5-18

O'Neill, Maria. “The Sweet Smoke of Rhetoric": Some Observations on Shakespeare's Theory of Language” 19-24

Rodríguez Ledesma, Nieves. “ Othere places delitables in two sixteenth-century texts” 25-34

Varela Pérez, José Ramón. “The use of periphrastic do in Early Modern English negative declaratives: evidence from the Helsinki Corpus” 35-46

Martínez-Dueñas Espejo, José Luis. “Rhetorical tradition and the argument of separation: Milton 's The Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce 49-58

Ballesteros, Antonio: “‘The Rest is Silence': Absent Voices in John Donne's Songs and Sonnets 59-64

Crespo Candeias Velez Relvas, María de Jesus. “Sir Robert Sidney's Poems Revisited: the Alternative Sequence” 65-69

Jiménez Heffernan, Julián. “John Donne and the New Universe. Retaking the issue” 71-82

Jiménez Placer, Susana. “New England Puritans: “The Lord's Free People” 83-90

López-Peláez Casellas, Jesús, “ocial Function of the Renaissance Concept of Honour: An Introduction” 91-97

Paiva Correia, María Hélena de. “A Sense of Continuity: lyric sequences, dramatic cycles and narrative pilgrimages in late medieval and early modern Literature” 99-102

Tazón Salces, Juan. “The Expression of Fear: William Cecils' The Execution of Justice 103-109

Hutson, Lorna. “‘Who Speaks for Justice?': Renaissance Legal Development and the Literary Voices of Women” 113-136

Calderón López, María Isabel: “‘If it be naught': Margaret Cavendish and the Performance of Transcendence” 137-146

Cuder Domínguez, Pilar. “‘Pretty Contradictions': the Virgin Prostitutes of Aphra Behn's The Feigned Courtesans 147-153

Domínguez García, Beatriz. “Female Relationships in Mary Pix's The Beau Defeated 155-161

Villegas López, Sonia. “Transgression and After: Fathers and Daughters in Susanna Centlivre's The Busybody 163-169

Wells, R. H. “Shakespeare, Virgil and the Politics of Violence” 173-190

Solokova, Boika. “A clockwork brick in the Wall: Shakespeare and Communist Aesthetics” 191-201

Carvalho Homem, Rui. “At the damsels' feet: Translation and decorum in a nineteenth-century Hamlet 203-209

Díaz Fernández, José Ramón. “Rosalind in Jeans: Christine Edzard's Film Version of As You Like It 211-216

Luis Martínez, Zenón. “‘A Speechless Dialect': Gender and Self-Recognition in Measure for Measure 217-225

Muñoz Valdivieso, Sofía. “‘Silence is the perfectest herald of joy': The Claudio-Hero Plot in Kenneth Branagh's Much Ado About Nothing 227-232

Portillo, Rafael and Mercedes Salvador. “Shakespeare in Spanish Translations: Recent Findings About the Nacente Collection” 233-238

Tronch Pérez, Jesús. “‘Conflation' in the non-conflated Shakespearian editions” 239-249

Cora Alonso, Jesús. “The Circle Pattern in Ben Jonson's Volpone 251-268

Figueirôa Navarro Machado, Maria Salomé. “The Three Faces of the Goddess in Ben Jonson's Masque of Queens 269-274

González Campos, Miguel Ángel. “Crime, Revenge and Horror: Peter Greenaway's The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover as a Jacobean Revenge Tragedy” 275-280

González Fernández de Sevilla, José Manuel. “The Court Drama of Ben Jonson and Calderón” 281-290

Hidalgo Ciudad, Juan Carlos. “Marlowe, Jarman, and Edward II : Use or Abuse?” 291-295

Vélez Núñez, Rafael. “Beyond the emblem: Alchemical Albedo in Ben Jonson's The Masque of Blacknes 297-304

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