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Sederi 16 — 2006
Jorge Figueroa Borrego
Clara Calvo López
Javier Pérez Guerra
ISSN 1135-7789
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Adamson, Silvia. Deixis and the renaissance art of self-construction 5-29

Maguire, Laurie. Helen of Troy : representing absolute beauty in language 31-51

Monrós Gaspar, Laura: “Boscovos tromuldo boscovos”: a case study in the translation of William Shakespeare's All's well that Ends Well 53-70

Da Cunha Resende, Aimara: “Here's sport indeed!”: interchangeable voices and mass communication in renaissance England 71-90

Ribes, Purificación: Country viwes and country girls in eighteenth-century England . A history of theatrical rewriting 91-108

Sánchez Escribano, F. Javier Portuguese in England in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries 109-132

Bueno Alonso, Jorge Luis. Two Spanish renderings of Philip Sidney's “First Song” from Astrophil & Stella (1591): a reappraisal and a new proposal 135-151

Cranmer, David. English music in the library of king Joao IV of Portugal 153-160

De Pando Mena, Paula: Emasculated subjects and subjugated wives: discourses of domination in John Bank's Vertue Bretay'd (1682) 161-175

Bueno Alonso, Jorge Luis. A concise companion to Shakespeare on screen , ed. by Diana E. Henderson 179-188

Hoenselaars, Ton. Renaissance and Reformations: an introduction to early modern literature , by Michael Hattaway 189-193

Hoenselaars, Ton. Shakespeare on screen: “ Richard III ”, ed. by Sarah Hatchuel & Nathalie Vienne-Guerrin 195-198

Mora, María José. The Libertine , dir. Laurence Dunmore 199-204

Sáez Hidalgo , Ana. Gloriana's Rule: Literature, Religion and Power in the Age of Elizabeth , ed. by Rui Carvalho Homen & Fátima Vieira 205-210

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